Hair Growth Vitamins With MSM and B vitamins

Have you heard of Hairfinity hair vitamins? This is the next supplement I will be taking as the mane choice is almost done.

During the second week of the mane choice, I got break outs smh. After the msm, I'll add collagen powder to review for you too. After that, I have natrol hair skin and nails vitamins as the last one for this year. By that time, I should have enough length to braid this year I'm officially over short hair. I've enjoyed it for almost 2 years and now I'm good to go with braids. I just want to keep my hoarding tucked away for the rest of the year to allow it grow out faster and retain more length. This natural hair journey has to be successful for me. I want to be able to wear buns and updos again.
I'm 3 weeks post cut and I have about 1/2 inch of growth already!

I'm hoping to gain more from the msm ; something that will make a huge difference because it has no biotin and I know a lot of ladies would love to see growth without biotin.
As it stands now, the tablets are huge and will definitely require taking with food. I'll be taking it daily and take the mane choice vitamins every 3 day to avoid more breakouts. My skin has recovered from the last breakout from the curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins and I don't want any setback again.
So, cheers to growing this hair. I'll be back with a wash day next month.


  1. wow, i intend on taking hair growth vitamins, i know it is not all them but to breakout?! maybe you sholud hairfinity too
    *I know it's not all of them that are bad.

    1. I've taken Hairfinity without breakout so I definitely love that one. My body generally can't tolerate any biotin more than 1000mcg.


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