Hair Update #7

I've done almost a week of green house effect and I don't know if that's the reason for the boost in growth i see but my hair has definitely grown a lot since the cut on the 10th of March.

I've began the mane choice as I stated. I have 14 days worth so I'll finish it up. After that, I'll use the natrol hair skin and nails vitamins for 60 days. That's the newest vitamins I haven't tried yet. 

Knowing natrol as a top brand, I look forward to amazing growth with it. That will cover for April and May. In June, I will try another vitamin. 

That's also one a day which means it will take me through June and July. By this point, I should have reached my first goal so I'll drop the hair vitamins. That will probably be the last hair vitamins I'll try this year. From July to December, I'll stick to my prenatal and then see what's up for 2019.

That's the bit about my hair for March. In terms of oils, I use more of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil 2z a day for the Scalp irritations I get. When that runs out, I'll move to eso for the Scalp. Because ESO isn't for the hair itself, I don't want to use it on the short hair. Sulphur on short hair dries it out. From July, that will be the only oil on my scalp. 

I have the Eco flaxseed and black Castor oil hair growth oil  which I prefer to use as a sealant. Therfore, these two oils will be in my stash for the rest of the year. 

These are the growth aids I'll be using to increase growth. I'll be glad to have 3 inches by my birthday so let's see how it goes.

If you want any of these vitamins, check out my shop

By first goal, I mean first roller set. That will also mean I'll have to stretch until May 5th to see how the growth goes. That's about 8 weeks from now. That's not bad, right? 


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