Wash Day With Rice Water

This is the second batch of rice water but this time, leaving the rice in water for 7 days gave it a horrible smell but I'll still use it up. I have enough for 2 whole months. The next batch though, I'll stick to the recommended 3 days of fermentation.

I'm on the 2nd bottle of the curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins. I'm impressed with the progress so far. However, there's a difference in taste. The first bottle was the new and improved version which tasted heavenly. The second bottle though, also tasty, doesn't match up to the first. I should be done by 15th of this month and use the remaining 15 days to complete the mane choice vitamins I had. After which I can probably continue with my prenatal vitamins again. 

The wash

I shampooed once with the last bit of beauty formulas tea tree deep cleansing shampoo and then poured the rice water on the hair. I immediately added the aphogee Balancing Moisturizer to the hair to mask the smell.

I rinsed off after a few minutes and applied snail oil (it has such a soothing and refreshing smell) and covered with shower cap and satin bonnet. Next morning, my hair was still damp but at the smell had dissapated a bit.

How did your wash day go? I look forward to more progress and since I'm not going to carry out the braiding anytime soon, you'll be seeing more wash day posts these days. 


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