Back To Dark Hair, WASH day Chronicles

For the sake of my dear hubby feeling comfortable with my look (I do agree I really should have done the dye during holidays Lol).

I used a different brand of the dye and for now, I love the fact that my hair isn't hard. I'll definitely dye it blonde when I hit Armpit length and beyond, just a bit of the wine at the front Lol.

I'm back to msm vitamins as I mentioned earlier, I'll alternate with the women's multivitamins. My hair is doing amazingly well even with the little I do to it. I've officially decided to touch up on either 27th June or wait till July 20th for the reason that June is graduation month and I may want slayed hair and July is my wedding anniversary month and that will also mean slayed hair. All will depend on the growth I get by then.

For styling, I apply eco styler gel to the edges to keep it looking fresh. I spray S curl no drip activator moisturizer on the hair and seal with Flaxseed and black castor oil from Ecoco.

How's your hair journey?


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