How I Layer Products (Current skin care routine)

It doesn't matter what you purchase for your skin, if you can't make good use of it to achieve your goals, then, it won't be worth spending on such products.

How you layer your products is crucial because some ingredients don't work well with others and might end up damaging the skin at the long run.

For example, Retinoids don't have to be used with acids. It's safer to alternate them because acids work on a low pH skin whereas Retinoids are better hydrolyzed on neutral pH. For more, click here

Back to my current skin care products and routine.
During the day.
1. Cleanser
2. Manual exfoliating with a facial scrub
3. Toner
4. Hyaluronic acid which I sometimes mix with the moisturizer or just apply and allow it to sink before next step.
5. Facial moisturizer ( the beauty formulas age defying day cream)
6. A drop of vitamin E oil

The layering at this point excludes a few vital ingredients but I'll have serums and other oils in there as time goes on.

Night routine:
1. Cleanse
2. Apply aloe vera gel

If I want to be extra, I tone and then apply the gel. I'm aiming for hydrated skin and at the same time healing the skin. I'll incorporate alpha or beta hydroxy acids in the step 3. Glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, malic acids all help in clearing acne. I've seen The Ordinary glycolic acid toner as well as other acid based toners which I'll get.

With regard to vitamin C serum, that step will come in after the toner. The same applies if you want to use salicylic acid based acne treatment. However, be careful about how you combine these ingredients. 


When you layer multiple actives, there will be a higher risk of irritation, and some combinations can inactivate each other or reduce effectiveness. At the very least, try to wait as long as you can in between layers.

  • Retinoids: Avoid using with vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide and acids. If you must use with acids, apply the thinnest active first, and wait 30 minutes in between.
  • Acids: Avoid using with benzoyl peroxide and retinoids. If you must use with retinoids, apply the thinnest active first, and wait 30 minutes in between. (My note: the clear and smooth acne pimple medication will be applicable here.) 
  • Vitamin C: Avoid using with retinoids and niacinamide. 
  • Benzoyl peroxide: Avoid using with retinoids, acids and vitamin C.
  • Niacinamide: Avoid using with vitamin C.
There are several treatments you can use at this point but as you stay tuned, we'll know more about what to do for each product to work well.
What's your skin care products layering like?


  1. I like hydrating my skin before putting on any acids, so I cleanse, then apply a hydrating toner and then the acids.

    I love ending my evening skincare routine with rosehip oil - I'm in love with it.


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