How To Moisturize Hair with Water

The basic hair tip you'll ever get is to moisturize  and seal as often as your hair requires.

The cheapest moisturizer you can ever use is water. However, the question is how do you use water as a moisturizer when you already have a moisturizer?

The key to using water is using a spray bottle or applicator bottle. By doing so, you regulate the flow of the water easily. In my water, I add a variety of essential oils to it. That allows the double benefit of moisturized hair and enjoying the benefit of the essential oils on the hair and for me, mostly the scalp.

To use the water, I spritz a bit on the hair before using the water to seal. The other technique I use is to add a little natural oil or even Jamaican Black Castor Oil to the water  and use after which I use a butter for sealing. 


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