Quick Relaxer Update and Wash Day

My hair has been doing quite well but I guess I do better when it's straight so I gave myself a relaxer and I hope it goes well this year.

The first 6 months is going to be a difficult time since the hair will be at the awkward stage. I'm quite familiar with that stage anyway. I used ABC relaxer and got the straight look I wanted. I allowed her to comb the relaxer through because getting my virgin hair straight the first time takes longer.

The next new thing I want to talk about is a cap I got from a friend. It's a deep conditioning cap wih the plastic in it already. It makes deep conditionikg easier, less messy and faster. The other great experience with the cap is it makes green house effect quick and easier.

In terms of products  I've created a carrot and Avocado oil mixture with the help of  youtube video. It's part of the oils we are using in the boot camp go up to grow out our hair. To prepare,
1. Grate carrot and mash in the Avocado or pear 
2. Pour in any natural oil of your choice and allow it on fire for about 5 minutes 
3. Strain when the mixture cools down
This is the oil I use for prepoo, hot oil treatment and green house effect.

I moisturize with the S curl no drip activator moisturizer as often as I have to and seal with any available oil. I usually gran the Jamaican Black Castor Oil .

I also got the Ecoco flaxseed and castor hair growth oil which I use to seal the hair.

Lastly,  I still take the msm and B vitamins but I alternate with the prenatals because I don't want to have iron deficit. I also take the prenatals to keep my body in top shape during the crucial period of the month. I, definitely,  haven't had breakouts from the msm unlike the mane choice vitamins . It took close to a week to get the acne off my face.

After this supplement, I shouldn't need to take any for the rest of the year. Back in 2012,  I wasn't on any growth vitamins but I still had good growth so I can use the oils to achieve length again. Per the quantity of pills, I should be done by May 31st. That will leave me with the prenatals until June. After which I'll call it a day on the vitamins for the year.
I do have a new one I need to test and review but the seller hasn't sent it yet so that may be the only vitamins I'll take in the remaining months.

I hope I've covered all there's for the past few weeks. I'll be back with more updates as I stretch the relaxer for either 4 or  6 weeks depending on the amount of new growth i gain.


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