The Wine Hair Dye

The look I was going for was wine and although I didn't get it, I was still pleased with the outcome.
I had used peroxide to loft the colour to help with the dye and it worked. I used the dark and lovely permanent hair dye.

Am I not worried? Not at all. I'll be sure to be on top of my moisture game. Secondly, I don't have any hormonal problems which will cause breakage aka postpartum hormones Lol. That's what caused the first damage to the hair..
Here are some pictures of the end product.

I'll be using aloe vera gel to help keep. The moisture levels up.

In other news, I've gained an inch of hair growth within 3 weeks which is a very good result. I'll keep up with the msm vitamins. Ad for the mane choice vitamins, I have 2 days worth remaining now.


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