Life Essentials 30 Days Beauty

I was contacted and given the life essentials 30 days beauty supplement to use and review and possibly stock up for those interested. Hence, there is a lot at stake here.

The first impression I had was it looked like it was powder form but I was wrong. It's tablet! There's are 3 tablets in a pocket which makes it 10 packets of tablets for the 30 days. Of the 3, one is golden colour.
It has to be taken 3 times daily so I took one in the morning after breakfast. I thought I would be nauseous or probably feel bitterness of the herbs but nothing of that nature.

Now, I had a buzz cut 4 days ago therefore it is a good opportunity to see how fats the hair grows back with this supplement. I was a bit skeptical about taking it until a friend remarked that it helped with her monthly flow and that's when she takes it.

If it is like that, then, it would be worth having in your stash. I should be done by 7th June to give you a full review so stay tuned. As for my semi bald hair, I cover it with wigs because I want it to grow out natural and without people seeing it. Why? Wearing it out everyday will tempt me to relax it therefore wigging is the best option until I can braid the hair. That will mean Alona 6 months of wigs - not really a problem.


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