Wash Day in 2 Weeks!

Laziness in hair care isn't an awesome feeling yet I find myself struggling against my own desire to wash this hair. Probably I lack motivation because of the length at this stage but I still managed to finally wash the hair.

I made a watery mixture of bentonite clay and applied to the hair, left it for 5 minutes and washed. I used VO5 conditioner afterwards to restore the moisture. I made sure to add vinegar to the clay treatment to help detox the scalp too.

I, then, followed with rice water as final rinse and sealed with a mixture of jojoba and peppermint oil. My scalp has been acting funny for the past few days probably as a result of not washing it for that long.

I plan to do more scalp massages with the brush this week to promote blood circulation to increase growth.

I'm still not motivated to do my hair as I want but I do make efforts to moisturize daily with Hawaiian silky 14 in 1 moisturizer and seal.

I'm on the 30 day beauty secret supplement too but I might visit my Hairfinity since I don't have any hair vitamins in the shop at the moment. All the same, let's see how the month will end.


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