New Hair Style + New Collagen Supplement

It's been quite great so far with my hair and I began a new supplement to boost growth as well as enhance my skin.

What I take is the Maxi Collagen powder with biotin  vitamins A and C. (visit to get one). I mix it with any beverage I have and the taste is quite pleasant so I drink up easily.
I got some hair extensions done with glue (again) and this time, I was very alert throughout the whole process so I didn't have issues with the application of the glue. The plan is to keep this for the whole of July and then in August, wash the hair and another full weave with the hairline area bonded with glue again to prevent damage from any braiding in that area..
I am sure by the end of the year, I'd have the length I want and that's what I'm working toward achieving.
For my skin care journey  visit where I share tons and tons of my skin care products and routine.
Thanks for reading and catch you in the next few days 


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