A Trim, A Setback and The Come back

My hair was doing so well until I noticed the new growth was also affected by the last hair dye and was too fragile. It was a lot to cut off but it's OK. It will grow back.

This has set me back but I have a plan to get it to grow faster. I've been using emu oil daily and it seems my scalp really loves the lightness of the oil. There's no tacky feeling or oiliness mess so I'll keep using it for weeks to come.

The next thing I'm considering is either another bottle of gummies or hairfinity or beautifully bamboo tea or vitamins. Just for 3 months.

I also have castor oil and 2 more growth oils I intend to pay attention to. For now, the emu oil has helped heal my scalp and I want it to work for 3 months or more before I switch. My next touch up is September ending hence I want to boost the growth in any way possible.

I'll give you the final decision by end of the week. Thanks for reading.😉😉


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