My Current Natural Hair Routine for 2018

There are a lot of things I want to do to get my hair to the length I want by December.
The first is using the Chebe oil to moisturise and seal .

Next, guava leaves to rinse after wash to promote healthy scalp .

Thirdly, I'll be using rice water rinses again to keep the hair strengthened as I hardly use protein treatment.

Also, I'll be back to my ESO scalp oil to promote fast hair growth too.

In addition, I'll take the gummies for the rest of the year since I take my multivitamin too. The biotin is enough for me.

For the wash, I'll be using the Hotfro products for the next 6 months. The shampoo, conditioner, leave in , hair oil and sheamix (contact 0541458372 for one and as well as the Chebe powder too).
For protein treatment, I still have aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor so I'm good in that area.

My moisturizers are the aloe vera and emu oil mix, S curl no drip activator moisturizer and Hawaiian silky 14 in 1 moisturizer.
With over 8 oils in my stash, i have all I need for at least a year.

What are you doing to promote healthy hair?


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