Misa Cho Gong Jin Secret

Concentrated total anti-aging oriental herbal essence that increases the strength of skin to help fight against the onset of time on the skin.

For anti-wrinkle and brightening effects.

I had to use Google translate to even know the name of this product was Misa Cho Gong Jin since all was written in Korean! 

What's an essence?  It seems Korean skin care has different terms.  The essence is lighter than a regular toner. 

From their website

MISA Cho Gong Jin Secret prescriptions to fight the signs of aging
(More than Gongjingdan, Gongjinbichaekdan)
Gongjindan, a prescription in Dongeuibogam, increases the spirit of water and calms down the heat, strengthening the foundation and health of the skin. In pursuit of this, Rehmannia glutinosa and black ginseng created with the devotion of Gujeunggupo are added for a greater nourishing effect.

So,  I cleansed my skin (I need a new face wash as I'm almost out of the Beauty Formulas exfoliating wash). I want to test Cosrx Cleanser as the Pyunkang one soon. Anyway,  after cleansing,  I patted in Dear,  Klairs Supple preparation toner and then followed with the essence. I allowed the face to dry before following up with the Beauty Formulas glycolic gel (moisturizer).  I've fallen in love with the gel so it's going to be featured in a lot of my posts. 

The Misa Cho Gong Jin is a sample size I got so just 2 applications are going to be all I'll get. 🤔🤔

However,  I do want to start using more essence so watch out for that. Probably one from Mizon or Pyunkang or Cosrx. 


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