Rose water Hair Treatment

The heritage rose water has been a scalp saver to say the least. 

I spritz the rose water on the scalp about 2 times a day to hydrate the scalp and speed up the healing. 

After spritzing the scalp in the morning,  I apply a mixture of my hair oils,  these oils can last me  full 12 months so I'm good to go for 2019.

In the evening,  I spritz again, allow it to dry and spritz with aloe Vera juice too.  This has helped my scalp recover from the dye processes.  

As you can see from the picture,  majority of the dye has been cut off. When I do another trim in 6 months time,  the ends will be fine. 

I still take the 30 day beauty secret vitamins and I think it's contributed to the growth I have now.  This is just a week after the cut and I'm impressed.

After the biotin,  I know I'll have a lot of growth.  2 months to grow enough hair to hopefully braid up will be awesome. 


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