STEMM Density Stimuli Update

It's been almost 4 weeks since I began using The Deciem's STEMM density stimuli and I'm pretty impressed so far. 

First,  my hair has seen 2 cuts in September to clear every  bit of hair dye residue. I still have about 5% in the hair. It's been a horrible month but I'm glad the year is ending on a clean and happy note! 

I use the serum daily,  about 3 drops on the hair line and a few all over the hair. So far,  there a lot of changes in my hairline and even the thickness at this length.

My hair line doesn't look sparse as it used to be and i see a bit of baby hair and fuzzy hair there too. I still have enough for probably 2 more months and if I don't do any damage to my hair,  I should have about 2 inches to usher in 2019 although I mist say this will be the shortest my hair has been at the end of the year Lol. 

For 2019, it's all about my skin so expect more skin care products reviews. In the process,  I'll review more hair products too. 

I have mixed up my growth oils for this reason to ensure I have all  the benefits! 

Although I'm permitted to braid in our boot camp,  I won't. I'm going to wig for a while and that's the farthest I'll go for 2019.

It's easy to stay away from braids for now but when I have enough to comfortably braid,  hopefully a year from now,  I won't suffer any damage. Braiding short hair is a recipe for disaster hence I'll stick to pony and wigs for the most part of the next 12 months. 

I love braids but I fear my edges have suffered too much damage in the last 4 to 5 years! Henceforth,  expect only growth and more growth! 


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