Deep Conditioning Challenge

Since my hair is growing out of the short phase, the need for more deep conditioning has arisen and the harmattan period just makes it even more prudent. 

I miss washing long hair Lol. 

Anyways, I checked the last time I did a good deep conditioning treatment and realized it was zero in the last 4 weeks. By good, I mean leaving the deep conditioner for at least 15 minutes!

Now, I didn't shampoo because I wanted more hydration not cleansing since I'd definitely shampoo over the weekend. I used the creme of nature coconut milk conditioner and I must say that I loved the smell! 

I left the deep conditioner on under the 2 black shopping bags and a scarf. As we prepared for 24th Night service, I had the deep conditioner also working. 

What forced me to deep condition is the dryness of the North where I'm visiting for the first time in 3 years! I didn't carry anything except hair butters so I had to borrow what my sister had. Looking at the nature of the weather, I'd have to deep condition 3 times a week to avoid breakage. 

With bleached and dyed hair, you can't sleep on deep conditioning. Truth is I haven't had to deep condition in years as my hair has always been in a fade! It will take some time to get into the whole long hair routine but since 2019 is a year of hitting hair goals, I'm finding ways to do it regularly. 

The deep conditioning challenge will extend to all members in the hair growth group. 

* Co wash and deep condition, follow with your leave in conditioner or moisturizer and seal with oil and or butter. 

2. Deep condition on dry hair, rinse off and follow the moisturizing and sealing routines. 

3. Shampoo and deep condition, moisturize and Seal. 

Every 2 days, you have to follow the wash if you aren't in any braids or weaves or wigs. For those who wear buns, this is the time to find out how products work for your hair. 

Co wash involves using conditioner to wash first as a cleansing step before deep conditioning. This infuses moisture into the hair whilst still maintaining clean hair. 

At night, be sure to wear a scarf or bonnet to prevent moisture loss. 

After my wash, I cover with a poly bag again (use a steam cap if you have it) after moisturizing and sealing and add a scarf for overnight green house effect (you can search for green house effect in the search box). 

This challenge is from now till the end of April when the harmattan period is over. 

In case you wear wigs like mine, you won't need to deep condition that often.


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