Smart Hair Goals for 2019

Let me give you the full picture of what I want in 2019.

The first goal is to care for my own hair  throughout the year without braids in that period. Since I didn't braid up, I've been doing 3 deep conditioning sessions per week to maintain moisture in the hair.  My hair shrinks a lot and I'm ok with it. The routines will also mean being able to use up all old products too. 

With such deep conditioning, I'm sure I'll be able to keep my hair well moisturized. 

Because I don't have any braiding plans, my hair covers will be a great way to protect the hair. One thing I love about hair covers is when your hair is long enough, you can change the position of the cover.

I want to have access to my own hair to regrow a few damaged spots at the edges. This means from now till May, I'll be paying attention to the growth and retention. 

The second goal is to make it to full shoulder length with 3 trims too. For this reason, I'm making sure I take the 30 day beauty secret vitamins and collagen as I stated in the previous posts. For the past few days, I've noticed some unpleasant experiences in my body as a result of probably vitamin C. I'm going to be diligent with the supplements this coming year. 

The next supplement I'll be taking is the marine collagen which should last me at least a month or 2. The capsules should be easy to take compared to tablets Lol. 

After this,  I'll see what to take. 

The next goal is to maintain thicker and stronger hair. In as much as I love and want length, I want to keep any eye on the thickness. To do this, I've mixed up a variety of oils for my scalp which I intend to use up in 2019.

The mixture consists of oils like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, virgin hair fertilizer and more. All I want to focus on is the scalp. A healthy scalp is a healthy ground for more growth.

The last goal is to post each wash day for you too. That will serve as a tracking routine for me too. 

These goals should be enough to guide me through the year. If I have to make new ones within the year, I will.


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