Two Hair Growth Vitamins For January

As the hair keeps getting longer and longer, I keep exploring different ways to make 2019 the most active time in my blogging life.

I have 15 days worth of the 30 day beauty secret vitamins and half of the collagen powder. 

In order to achieve my targeted goal of full shoulder length in 2019, I've been taking the collagen powder again. 

I'm definitely not moving into biotin anymore so most of my supplements will be collagen and women's hair vitamins. 

These 2 will get me through the first half of January, 2019 so I'll have a few shopping to do in terms of new vitamins. Fortunately, I have the Neocell collagen with hyaluronic acid arriving hence there won't be a break in what I take. 

I'll share my 3 hair goals for 2019 tomorrow. 


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