The Hair Challenges for January

Welcome to 2019 and I pray we hit our resolutions hard!

I'm beginning with the usual monthly challenges but this time with a twist. My challenge consists of keeping dryness off and maintaining healthy scalp. 

1. Prepoo with Olive oil,avocado n Carrot blended  

*4x a week Green house effect 

*2x Co wash and deep conditioning 

*Garlic and onion  infused hot oil

The oils will be prepared next week as I'm currently on vacation Lol. 

I'll be using the carrot, avocado and olive oil blend for the green house effect too. My hair is currently very short but as usual, when you treat your hair right, it grows right. 

By the way, my hair is all natural now. I did a short transition, enough to have hair on my head after trimming off the relaxed ends. That's exactly what I needed to revamp my hair journey without losing length! I'm pretty excited about that. I'm able to comb and part it to style which feels good too. At the end of the day, I've achievedy first goal without having to lose length. I didn't talk about it because it's better to act than talk like I used to do.

The hot oil treatment is to help the garlic work very deeply in the scalp hence the warm oil. I'm preparing enough for 3 months. 

I want no laziness this 2019 therefore I make conscious effort in creating and executing my wash days. 

In addition, I won't be wearing my hair in any stretched styles so I don't worry about post wash.. 

I intend to make judicious use of my scarves this year too to protect the hair. Stay tuned toy first wash post next week. 


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