Weekly Scalp Maintenance

My hair has grown considerably better in the past few weeks so I can now apply oils to massage the scalp.

In as much as I dislike the smell of my oil mixture, I just have to finish it up. I use it each day in the morning to massage the scalp.

To make the smell more tolerable, I grabbed a bottle of the ors hairepair vital oils for hair and scalp. 

I will be using this for the hair itself and I use the oil mix for scalp. This is a year of length retention and I'm going all out to do so. I'm not on any hair vitamins except the collagen powder since I'm through with the 30 day beauty secret vitamins. 

After this, the next one I'll be taking is most likely another collagen LOL. 

How's your hair doing?

Stay tuned for more updates. 


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