Virgin Hair Fertilizer + Dr. Miracle

For the most part of this year, I've been using the virgin hair fertilizer on my scalp daily. 

It's a pkamde but doesn't weigh down my hair nor clog my pores. Ever since I got the braids, I've been using it to calm my dry scalp. Getting the braids installed really shocked my scalp so for the first week, it was itchy and dry. Now, I couldn't use any moisturizer to prevent unraveling hence I stuck to the hair fertilizer. Aside the peppermint in it, it's very light to apply to the Scalp providing the soothing effects I wanted. 

For my edges, I still use Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape balm and I love it!

Because I'll be braiding more often, I've been very careful to leave my edges alone. The hair ought look rugged but I don't mind. Keeping the edges intact is the main point. 

I apply the Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape balm (click here to shop about 4 times a week, during the day time. 

By the end of the current braids, I'm expecting more growth and fuller edges. 

The end pomade I'll use is the groganics Head Full of Hair which should be right after I'm done with the Dr. Miracle. 

For thr vitamin, the synergy Hair Skin and nails support has given me the same impact as Hairfinity so I'm definitely happy about it. 

My hair is thicker and growing well! 


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