How I am Stretching My Relaxer

I'm 5 weeks post relaxer and new growth with short hair is hard to manage. However, I've found a way to help me stretch to 10 weeks before I get a touch up.

The one change has been Co washing during the week. I use whatever conditioner available and leave it in for 5 before rinsing. Within 3 days, my hair becomes dry again so another wash is done.

Another change I've made is switching back to tea mist rather along with moisturizer. Moisturizers seem to be still heavy for my hair now so diluting them works best for my hair now. I use a spray bottle to distribute the moisturizer properly.

Using the most daily makes a huge difference so that's going to make stretching easier.

To use, I use the ORS hairepair vital oils as it's lighter and won't weight down my hair. I really can't wait to wear buns, I'm hoping to hit that goal by July. 

I'm almost done with the Alive gummies too and will just take my multivitamins with iron in it.  I need 4 inches to reach my target so I'm pushing hard with my routine and vitamins.

Lastly, I can't wait to do weekly roller sets so after my touch up in April, I'll be able to do that! 


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