Wash Day at 2 Weeks Post Relaxer

Time really flies and I am just excited about each progress my hair makes.

I used the Hotfro Black soap shampoo to cleanse and deep conditioned with Aunt Jackie's deep conditioner.

The air drying seems to be working but I can't wait to get roller sets again. 

For the edges, I feel better about it now as it's gradually filling in.

I still use thr green tea mist daily and it's going to be a constant feature of my hair journey. 

I was supposed to do a coffee rinse but I'll do that during the week when I Co wash. 

I take Alive hair skin and nails gummies too and frankly, I love the new growth coming in. I take 2 a day so in  30 days time, expect a review. Now that we are in March, I'm eager to see my growth by the next touch up on April 20th or thereabouts.


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