Relaxer Update with ORS Olive relaxer

I gave up 3 days ago and touched up; I'm happy I did.

With taking Alive gummies, I wanted to wait till Easter period to touch up but I couldn't manage the 2 textures even with constant moisturizing. When you can hold your hair up in a bun, moisture retention is easier and allows less manipulation of your hair. 

My hairline is back to its healthy state too. 

I did the touch up with ORS Olive relaxer in the No Lye version. I used a mirror to guide me and the result turned out to be what I wanted. I weighed the option of using a hair dresser against doing it myself but I chose the latter to prevent burns. With such practice, I will be able to do my own touch ups too. It's about being able to section and work fast. Anyways, we will cross that when we have long hair.

I see the thickness too and I like it. I know I'll touch up on 1st May looking at the growth I got now from the gummies. I'll be consistent again to get more growth, at least an inch. The reason is to style my own hair for a special event.

How's your hair? 


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