Natural Hiar Growth Week 5

The scalp has completely recovered from a mishap I had last week. If you read the previous post, you'll notice I cut some hair off.
I'm still using the msm scalp mist and I seal with groganics head full of hair creme. 

It's not possible to comment on whether I've seen a drastic growth yet. What I do know is that my scalp wasn't sensitive again by the 3rd day of application. 

In addition, I make sure to sleep with a satin bonnet each night and that has also made a huge difference in the dryness. 

I also don't wear scarves again as the scalp hasn't been irritated again. This means the sun hits my scalp which at the moment is helpful as it's been cloudy for weeks now. Somehow, I love the feel of the sun on the scalp and I believe it will help speed up the healing process. It's going to be months before I can claim the scalp is totally healed.

The new addition is the Rosemary Essential Oil. Now, I'm not going to jump up and down about this as I'm not a fan of anything that tingles. However, I'm willing to go all out to increase thickness and growth within the 6 months challenge. 
I've added a few drops to my hair oils and the groganics head full of head creme too. I, really, want to end 2019 on a bright note! 

These are the basic things I want to stick to for the 6 months challenge. I still shampoo and condition once a weekly too. 

The next thing I want to pay attention to is surviving the first 1 year of big chop. 

This is week 5 with all the set backs. 

Let's see how week 6 goes. 


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