Three Weeks Post Big Chop

This week, I've been spraying my hair daily with rice water. The water I use is quite diluted and I have another stored in the fridge for rinsing the hair after wash.

I take my prenatal supplement daily too and I'm a little bit sad that I can't take hair vitamins. That would have been a major boost 😪😪 The good news is that I take Doctor's Best Collagen Powder with vitamin c therefore I'm pretty much going to get the results I desire. 

All the same, I'm managing the situation with the growth oils. I apply the Dr. Miracle Temple and Nape Balm about 2 times in the week, Paltas Oil about 3 times and the remaining 2 days, I use the groganics head full of hair creme.

I love the consistency of the Paltas B. K. C oil, it's jelly and doesn't feel oily. It tingles a bit but nothing I can't tolerate. 

The joy of seeing this progress each week can't be measured!

This week, I decided to do a full shampoo wash before cutting off the remaining relaxed hair. I cut off a lot so I'm almost back to the starting point again. 

I used the groganics DTH blocker system range. I may stick to this for the next 6 months along with the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo and conditioner. The purpose is to stimulate the scalp for more growth. 

My hair was freshly relaxed when I cut it so the bits left can be slicked down and styled and that's how I've been wearing the hair. 

My hair grows quite slowly without vitamins hence the growth shampoos and conditioners with elixirs would be the best to use till December. 

Check  to order your hair growth products too. 


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