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The Perfect Wash Day!

I haven't had such a proper hair wash the whole of this year hence my excitement!
First, I've accepted that I can't do the normal shampoo-conditioner steps. However, I'm glad blogging back then gave us so much washing information. I chose to do the double conditioner wash method and I'm not going to lie, that's the only way I'll be washing my hair henceforth. It's the only method that suits my schedule. First, I deep conditioned witg Sheamoisture manuka honey masque. I warmed it for some seconds and applied it. Covered with a shopping bag and then when I was through with my chores, I shampooed with groganics shampoo and conditioned with Jo naturals banana conditioner.  That's all I did folks!

Even when I will be doing tea rinses and other herbal remedies, I'll stick to this method. I can still prepoo too so it's a win win. The only thing I hope for is my hair would love it even as it gets longer.  It's so exhilarating sharing this with you be…