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Ending Year 2019 With a Bang!

What a year it has been. In as much as Iook forward to year 2020, I'm not really as enthused and it's because all my effort just went down the drain!
I, now, have less than an inch of hair thanks to a bad hair cut. All the same, here aew a few changes to my goals.
1. Use up the remaining shampoos and conditionera by March and switch to a new brand or two.
2. Stick to liquid vitamins or gummies. I struggle with capsules hnece in changing the narrative this time. Throughout the coming year, I've outlined all that I want to use and that is mainly gummies or liquid hair vitamins. There are 2 capsules based  vitamins from Halo beauty by Tati and those are the Halo Beauty Hair, skin and nails vitamins and the kiwi seed vitamin. Aside these, all others will be liquid based.

3. Do 10 weeks stretch. I've been able to do it so far therefore I keep going with it.

4. Do more co washing to keep the hair moisturized and allow it to thrive.

I'll do mid year update on these produc…