Wash Day With Camille Rose Cocoa Deep Conditioner

This is the second time I'm using the Camille Rose Cocoa deep conditioner and it's Ama amazing experience with this.

1. I shampooed 2 times with Jo Naturals shampoo (from @emprezzglamhub on Instagram). I shampooed 2 times because my scalp was extremely dirty from sweat. 

2. I applied the Camille Rose Cocoa deep conditioner on the hair and left it for some minutes 

3. I rinsed out and used the Hawaiian silky 14 in 1 moisturizer as a leave in conditioner and followed with Teiva jojoba oil and Palmers gro treatment creme (That's the Liquid, Oil Creme L. O. C method). I used this moisturizing method to allow the moisture stay longer in the hair. 

I allowed the hair to air dry.. 

It's been 6 weeks since I cut down the hair and it's growing back so well. 
How's your hair now? 


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