5 Moisturising and Sealing Mistakes

Aside being able to stop breakage and retain length with moisture, moisturising and sealing is essential in protecting your hair from the changing seasons and the environmental impact it has on the hair.

In light of this, we do our best to incorporate this technique in our daily regimen yet we may end up with bad results if we commit the following mistakes. 

Using too much moisturiser. 
Just because you want your hair to be moisturised doesn't mean it should be drenched with the product. A little goes a long way to prevent hygral fatigue. Wet hair will also cause breakage thereby making the process  counterproductive to what we aim to achieve. 

Secondly, using too much oil or butter to seal. This notion of more oils to prevent moisture loss will leave your hair greasy! 

Next is moisturising with oil moisturizer and not water based moisturizer. These oil moisturizers are similar to moisturising oils. They penetrate the strands but you need moisture in the form of water based moisturizer first. 

Another mistake is using just water and oil. Some may disagree with me but my experience with using only water as a moisturizer hasn't given me stellar results. The hair still got drier and needed to be moisturises again. Using something more heavier, in the form of an actual moisturizer, works better. 

The last mistake I want to point out is moisturising without clarifying the hair occasionally. You'll still get product build up even if you choose to wash once a month. Clarifying your hair will take out all the build up and allow your hair to absorb products. 

What are some of the lessons you've learned from your hair journey? 
Share them below. 


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