Minimalist Hair Care 2021 Goals

It's not often that  you get to experience new hair products; the feeling and excitement of trying that particular wish list can't be overemphasized. However, there is a huge gap between hair needs and hair wants.

I've been a minimalist in my hair hair care over the pass couple of years. At the early stages, I was a product junkie. I scaled down when I became more of a scissor happy person. Now that I'm back to growing my hair long, it's difficult splashing money on new products. For 2021, I intend to still continue with the less is more approach - more of hair masques and shampoos and less of oils. I have tons of oils I hardly use and I want to use them all up in the coming months.

I want to invest in hair masques and edge gel since my goal is to keep the hair looking neat and sleek at all times! This is related to my general 2021 of being presentable anytime of day.

The essence of the masques is to make sure I deep condition twice a month instead of once a month for the purpose of keeping my ends moisturized for longer periods. 

Aside the trim I need, another area I want to eliminate is wearing extensions. This has been a struggle because my hair has practically been short for a long period and the only thing that makes it look presentable is when I use extensions. However, with the length coming in, I want to break away from that life long dependency!

Lastly, I want to spend more time on hot oil treatments and prepoo to facilitate the process moisture retention.

These may seem quite simple but it's hard to stay on the path when new hair styles pop up daily! Fortunately, my edges have grown back, although they may not be as full as I want. It's not included in the hair goals though. 

In any case, the end point is reaching armpit length by 31st December of next year!


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