Reasons Why Your Hair Is Shedding

Shedding is a major concern for everyone. Getting the length you desire can be a daunting task and to lose the length  you've worked  to achieve is equally too painful to bear.

What I've noticed is people fail to understand the link between your general health and the health of your hair. What you put into your body affects your whole body, including your hair! Shedding doesn't happen overnight - your hair will give you signs that something is wrong; we don't pay attention until it gets worse!

1. Postpartum shedding: I get this complains a lot and get surprised that though ladies are aware of how having a baby affects your hair, it seems reading about it isn't part of the solution we want. The first thing I urge people to do is to Google their problems. When you have a fair idea of what you are experiencing, you are able to either decide on taking the medical route or self - care route. There are situations that merit a visit to the Doctor's office and if you don't read about your problem, you may never get solutions. Most post baby shedding resolve on its own, you may just need to change your regimen or add a couple of treatments to strengthen your hair. Your shedding won't stop overnight as your body needs time to restore itself to pre baby state. However, how you handle your hair goes a long way to mitigate the impact. I had to cut a chunk of my hair off when the shedding was excessive and I wasn't worried! I, mainly, focused on speeding up the growth process and trying foods that will boost my body's recovery process.

2. Anemia, Low Iron, Health probem: Your hair suffers the most when you have troubles in your body. If you've been under stress or have any underlying health problems, shedding might be a major indicator! Low iron tends to cause thin hair and I've suffered from that before! Thyroid issues can also cause shedding and thinning. It's best to get some lab work done to clear all possible medical issues. 

3. Changes in season : Personally, I tend to shed more during rainy season and less during harmattan. After monitoring my hair for a while awhile, I've learnt to remain calm when the seasons change and rather transition my regimen to suit each season. I do a lot of herbal rinses like hibiscus rinse to help strengthen the hair. 

4. Contraceptives: Anything that affects your hormones may cause an imbalance that is reflected in the hair you shed! As your body adjusts to changes, the shedding may be similar to postpartum hair loss.

5. Surgery, Medications: These may also increase your shedding and will subside as you recover or when you are done with the medication.

6. Stress: This is one of the major culprits yet we usually don't associate that with our excessive shedding.

7. Scalp Infections : You may experience more hair loss from infections on the scalp.

One key change you can make is to take multivitamins, especially, one formulated to cater for your needs. Most of these supplements will boost your immune system too. At the end though, you need to be patient and allow your body to heal. Shedding won't stop overnight and stressing about it won't be yield any results too. 


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