Happy 2021 Plus Hair Goals

It's always great to have your hair goals as your priority but it's even better when you have a plan of how you will achieve those goals!

The New Year hair goals for me are:
1. Hit armpit length or something close. The plan is to keep washing and deep conditioning more often, probably two times a week. This will be possible most likely by mid year when I have more length to work with. Air drying short hair is work! 

2.  Focus on healthy ends, especially, since my hair is relaxed. I'll have 2 trims since I recently trimned it. These may be somewhere in June and then December. This is to maintain the health of the ends which are the oldest and most fragile part of the hair. 

3. Try a few new hair products and also empty a couple of old ones. For now, I have just one brand to use up so I can do a review. After that, I will be able use up 2 more brands, hopefully, by mid year. 

4. Work on keeping the hair from relaxer run off. This is one major setback I had last year and wouldn't want to experience it again. When your hair is short, it's so easy getting over processed hair too. I'll be keeping an eye on these. 

What are you doing this year to hit your hair goals? 


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