First Relaxer For 2021!

At 8 weeks post, I was pretty much satisfied with the growth and I'm glad I did relax it. It was quite difficult managing the new growth with such length. I know I hardly post pictures of my hair these days; it's because I'm more interested in giving tips. However, I started this blog to document my hair journey and although for 4 years I wasn't actively growing my hair, it's just t right to share the ups and downs now that I'm growing it back. 

This length reminds of 2012 when I'd moved from natural to relaxed and was super excited! 
With full neck length, the next target is full shoulder length and the rest of the year should be enough to reach that. 

With this, my next touch up will be first week of May, around my birthday.
For now, I'll wash the haor during the week and deep condition it. I'm gathering some Ayurveda herbs down to prepare a couple of hair masks so stay tuned. 


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