Post Relaxer Washing

I'd wanted to stretch the wash to 2 weeks but my scalp got itchy! However, this wash day was super easy and quick with the John Frieda detox masque.

Shampoo: Lotta Body moisturizing shampoo. This is extremely moisturizing and gentle on the hair. I didn't experience any knots or tangles too. I'd suggest you try it.

Masque: John Frieda Detox masque. This is to be left in the hair for 3 to 5 minutes - perfect for those of us who don't have time on our hands. Overall, John Frieda is worth the price! I've enjoyed very single range so far. 

I applied hair butter and combed the hair after towel drying it. I wore the hair in a bun and it gave me a smooth finish!
Next day, I used Leave in spray and followed with butter again. I'm beginning to love watery leave in conditioners more than creamy based ones. I presume it's due to the change in weather too. 
I'll do a salon wash now that I've bought some packs of magnetic rollers! I don't want to sit under hooded dryer so air drying in the rollers will helop a lot! I intend to do 10 to 11 weeks stretch and with how thick my hair gets at 7 weeks, roller sets will be great to May, 2021 relaxer. 

How's your hair doing? 


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