How To: Grow Long Natural Hair Using Twists

Twists styles are the most versatile if you want a stress free natural hair journey. No matter the length of your hair, you can use it as a protective style.

How can you use twists to grow your hair long?

[1]Find a good stylist. From parting to combing to twisting, care needs to be taken in order to minimize breakage. You should know how to handle your own hair so that you can guide the stylist to treat your hair with care.

[2] Use a hair mist and light oil to keep the twist moisturised. However, don't use too much to avoid unraveling them. Twice a week moisturising and sealing will be enough.

[3] Find the styler that gives you a good hold. Curl creams, custards, twist and lock gels, styling gels and a host of styling products may have to be tested to find what works for your hair texture. This might be difficult one but once you do find that product, you'll be able to effortless maintain your twists. 

[4] Protect the ends. If your hair is long enough to fit into a bun, it's better and healthier to do so rather than wearing it down. You can also use beads to hold the ends to protect them against rubbing off your shoulders. 

[5] Don't change the style too often. Allow the twist to last for as long as you can before unraveling or taking them down.

[6] Lastly, during take down, be careful not to mishandle the hair so that you don't loose what you've gained. 


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