How To: Use Rice Water To Grow Your Hair

Rice water rinse seems to have booked its place in the hair care world and it's here to stay. However, in as much as we want fasy growth, there are some precautionary measures to take in order not to achieve the opposite effect.

[1] Know your hair: does your hair tolerate protein? If it does, how much of it? Start off with once a month treatment to see how your haie responds and also be sure to observe changes oe otherwise.

[2] If you wish to use rice water as a leave in, start off with weekly usage and observe your hair. Also, have a moisture based leave in conditioner on hand to balance the hair.
[3] Try several ways of using rice. There are already made products you can choose from or even prepare a hair mask with it. You'll be able to choose what fits your needs

[4] Do it long term. Use your rice rinse for some months, at least 3 months to determine its effect on your hair. However, if you experience any dryness, pause and switch to moisture products.

[5]  Have realistic expectations: Genetic factors, environmental factors and even your hair regimen may impact the results. Hage a good regimen in order to retain the growth you'll get.

The preparation:

There are several methods to follow.
[A] The soaking technique: Use about half cup of rice, soak for about 30 minutes to 24 hours, strain and use the water. Keep what is left in the fridge.

[B] The fermentation method: This follows the same soaking method but the rice is left for 2 days to ferment. Strain and boil the water to stop the fermentation process. You can store leftover water in the fridge.

[C] The boiling method:  You boil the rice and strain the water. Allow to cool down.

The key thing is when using the rice water, leave in the hair for ar least 30 minutes before washing off. If you wish to use it as a leave in conditioner, there is no need to rinse out. 


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