My Postpartum Hair Loss Regimen

Postpartum hair loss can seem to be a devastating effect of post baby but we should also realize that the body has gone through 9 months of pregnancy and nothing will be normal for a while.  Despite all the positive changes our hair will go through during pregnancy, we know we may experience hair loss as a result of the hormones getting back to their normal state.

I used to also dread that stage but now, I’m mentally too exhausted to pay attention to it. I’ve been using Ayurveda herbal mist daily to moisturize and sealing with oil mix. As to how much hair loss and when the hair loss will begin is not something I can tell. I’m still taking iron supplement to help restore what I lost and I also have pregnacare new mom vitamins that I can take for 3 months. That means I have 4 months covered. When that is done, I’ll switch to pregnacare breastfeeding for another 3 months or more. The goal is to ensure that the body receives adequate nutrients to enhance faster recovery. 

In the long run, as the hair sheds, so will the regrowth be faster once the body is healthy.


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