Pregnancy Hair Care Journey

At the beginning of the year, right on 1st January, we found out we were expecting a baby! I was over excited because it's taken us years to receive this blessing.

 I didn't have issues with my hair for the first 3 months. From January, I made it a point to wash every week and deep condition twice a month. My hair was thriving inspite of the extreme nausea and fatigue I was going through. Those months were hard on my body. Compared to my first pregnancy which was a walk in the park, this one reminded me of 'Old age.' I got some braids and cornrows during the period too without issues. 

However, by the fourth month, my scalp felt hot most of the time. I did co wash but it wasn't helping. I braided to take a break yet my scalp wouldn't stop feeling like it was on fire!  Then in April, I noticed extreme thinning. I got to know I had low iron; the impact was probably severe because of my pregnancy. Within 4 weeks, I cut off about 4 inches.

By month 6, I cut off everything. The scalp felt better from that point. I began using Ayurveda oil and rinse daily to nourish the scalp and to moisturize with the combo daily to strengthen the hair, and also prepare it for postpartum hair loss. 
I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Congratulations, Empress. Really happy for you!


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