My 2022 First Quarter Hair Goals Review

 January: After growing out my hair in 2020 and having to readjust to motherhood, I’m definitely going to use 2022 to achieve Armpit length and beyond. My edges are horrible but that comes with postpartum hair loss!

What I’ve realised is that I really don’t want to use any extensions nor braid the hair except cornrows with my own hair. Therefore, for 2022, buns and cornrows with my own hair  will be the go-to style. 

The pregnacare new Mum supplement has been helpful; my edges are growing back slowly with kaleidoscope and for the shedding, it’s yet to hit. Another exciting thing is I finished the  nature’s bounty women’s multivitamin gummies (absolutely a delight to chew) and have moved on to nature made postnatal vitamins.  

The second hair goals is trimming often- about once every 3 months should keep the ends healthy. 

In terms of products, I want to try new brands - I don’t have any specific ones but I’ll keep you updated as I get them. 

Yes, that’s all the goals. I know this is a far cry from the usual 10 or so meticulously laid out goals but simplicity is best!

March : It's been 3 months and there have been drastic changes in my hair in terms of length and growth. I retouched in February and it went quite well. I still wear cornrows with my own hair and do salon wash when I take it down.

A couple of products I've incorporated are the Olaplex oil, and also more moisture deep conditioning.

The hair line is growing back gradually too. I now take the nature made postnatal vitamin and when it's done, I'll continue with another bottle. 

I'll trim the ends during the next touch up in April. I'll be back at the end of the second quarter with more updates. At the moment, I've used up about four products already and I have about 10 more to clear. Overall, my hair is healthy and that's the most important part of the journey.


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