tpartum hair loss or...

 Most likely just a result of the bleach on the ends too.

After the last cornrows, I observed a lot of shed hair as well as broken pieces from the ends. Like I stated in one of the posts, my postpartum shedding starts after the 6th month and this hasn't been any different.

I will be washing only once a month until I have enough time on my hands. I can't do a lot of the treatments due to time factor hence it's better to manage what I have.

I'm still taking my postnatal vitamins and using kaleidoscope miracle drops on the temple area. I'm focusing on healing and my overall health because I've not been in a good place for weeks now.

My current products for my routine:

*As I Am So Much Moisture 

*Ultra growth leave in conditioner 

*Kaleidescope miracle drop 

*John Frieda Hydrate shampoo and conditioner 

*Aussie moist deep conditioner 

*MSM hair mist

I'll be using the msm hair mist more often to boost the hair growth.

I'll be updating you every week until the end of the year.


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