Coconut Oil Challenge Week 2: Co wash

It’s second week of the hairlista coconut oil challenge and the first week of the GHEZ hair challenges. What’s the relationship between these challenges? Read on.
For the wash:
*Pre wash treatment with virgin coconut oil.

*Saturated the scalp and hair with the oil, covered with deep conditioning caps for more than an hour.The fun part
*Saturated the hair with a lot of Forever Living aloe and jojoba conditioner and a little Aussie moist conditioner. I massaged these into the hair for about 10 minutes! The goal is to use up the forever living conditioner this month since it’s been almost a year since I opened it.
* Rinsed and applied Beautiful textures tangle tamer leave in[more about it tomorrow]
*Sealed with jbco olive oil mix and air dried.
All I could pray for was for the aftermath softness to last till the next wash! The hair was extremely moisturized, smooth and simply sweet to touch
*Oiled the scalp with the coconut oil again for bedtime and covered with satin cap.
This morning, for the first time this year, GHE worked well on the hair- soft, smooth, and hydrated strands! Twice a week will be enough to maintain moisture in my ever thirsty hair!

My next wash will be on Thursday. I will use a conditioner instead of a shampoo and get foam rollers set. I’ll still prepoo with coconut oil to end week 2 of the HCOC.
I have pictures of my edges on the boot camp level on the forum. They aren’t too bad but I know I can do better.

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I’m Abena Nyarkoaa and I’m passionate about healthy hair and skin care. It’s a pleasure haring what I learn with others.

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