L.O.C or L.C.O?

L.O.C or L.C.O are two techniques that have become quite popular among fellow hair bloggers as well as readers. The two methods all aim at keeping moisture locked in the hair.

Liquid: any water based leave in
Cream: moisturizing creams
Oils: what you use for sealing in the leave in and moisturizer.

Whereas the L.O.C stands for Liquid, Oil and Cream, the L. C. O represents Liquid, Cream and Oil. Basically, after you apply the liquid, you can either use a cream and seal with oil or use oil and seal with cream.

The L.C.O is considered an offspring of the L.O.C because it was only when some ladies realised that cream before oil works better for them.

Personally, I haven’t consciously tried both techniques but intend to dedicate two months to experiment with them.

Because our weather tends to be dry most often, finding a method that helps the hair retain more moisture is an excellent idea. At the end of my tests, which I will start in 3 weeks time,I’ll share my results with you.

Have you tried any of these two? What were your results?

Author: abena

I’m Abena Nyarkoaa and I’m passionate about healthy hair and skin care. It’s a pleasure haring what I learn with others.

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