Can Water Only Wash Clean Your Hair?

Here's one of the questions that have come up with the water only wash. Can the water only wash clean your hair? There are several things involved in the water only wash cleaning stages. First, you scritch that is use your finger pads to lift sebum and dirt . There's also the position of your head during the rinse. You tilt your hair downwards to allow the flow of water to wash out the dirt as well as make detangling easier. Another the cleaning step is the acv, Aloe vera juice . You can use aloe vera as a cleanser to remove dirt from your hair. It is said to be a mild cleanser which means it won't deplete the sebum coverage. You have to experiment with how often you use to figure out the best time to use it. clay treatments or herbal rinses  can also be used to clean the hair during the water only wash routine. However, these clay treatment, according to the website, can undo the sebum coverage. Clays like bentonite are known to clarify so I won't be surprised if

Sheamoisture Yucca & Baobab Shampoo Review

A friend gave me the sheamoisture yucca & baobab shampoo and I was very excited to be trying my second  sheamoisture product. This shampoo sells for around 55gh in most online shops in Ghana so you can easily get it. In the review,  I talk about the consistency of the sheamoisture yucca and baobab shampoo , how I use it and whether I'll repurchase it. [YouTube=]

Why You Should Chelate Your Natural Hair

I'm going to talk about the need to chelate your natural hair. Chelating and Clarifying hair, to the best thing of my knowledge, are some things relaxed ladies do very often.  Whereas naturals may not be using a relaxer (some relax their edges), most do use commercial products.  Even using natural products can still cause build up and as a result, a lot of ladies focus on cleaning the hair with a sulfate based shampoo. What about the build up from the water you use to wash the hair in the first place? Have you ever considered why even after clarifying your hair,  you still feel the strands are coated? The kind of water we use especially for those who purchase from the tankers and also use water from the polytanks like me can hinder our whole wash day purpose and result.  Most of these waters are hard, meaning the mineral deposit from them will create build up that can only be cleared using a Chelating shampoo. In addition to this, if you Co wash more often, then,  you'll have a

African Female Celebrities With Gorgeous Natural Hair

Today's post will showcase African Female celebrities with gorgeous natural hair. Have fun! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="387"] Becca's natural hair[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="442"] Yvonne Nelson's natural hair[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="446"] Ama K Abrebrese's natural hair[/caption] Do you know them? Image credits: instagram

We Naturals Hemp Oil Line Review

I'm very thankful for the we naturals hemp oil products sent me by We naturals.  Their new hemp oil line range has awesome products. Check out my review of the shampoo,  conditioner, leave in, hair butter and hot oil treatment. The We naturals hemp oil line is made in Ghana. I know they can send it to you wherever you may be. [youtube=]

3 Easy Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair

Today, I'm going to share 3 easy ways to use apple cider vinegar on natural hair. For most naturals in Ghana, the best known products are usually expensive yet there are very effective ones that are also easily accessible. Apple Cider Vinegar is a hair product you'll always find in my home. Aside haven used it when I relaxed my hair, I do use it on my natural hair too. ***As a final rinse When I want to be double sure the hair's cuticle is closed, I do a final rinse with ACV diluted in water. Also, when I Co wash, I like to use the vinegar to act as another rinse. Somehow, my hair feels smoother when I do that meaning the cuticles are closed. **** Scalp Cleanser Though there are divided views about Apple Cider Vinegar as a cleanser, that is like a shampoo, I, have personally seen how effective it is on the scalp. So, even if it can't clean the hair itself, when it comes to cleaning the scalp, this stuff is the truth! For ladies with dandruff, using acv diluted on the sc

Top 3 Deep Conditioners (Collab With Miranisa and Ghlonghair)

This collaboration is all about our favourite top 3 deep conditioners. Every since I started my hair journey, using deep conditioners have been a key factor in achieving all the goals I set for myself. I've used a variety of deep conditioners for difference reasons and purposes. However, it's not all of them that have found their way into the stable list. In the video, I talk about the 3 top deep conditioners,especially, for the year 2015. I talk about why I love them, how I use them and how long I've used them. Stella of ghlonghair also shares her 3 top deep conditioners and how they've helped her achieve her almost waist length hair. Miranisa Wallace of msdirectiongh has also been a healthy hair journey for a while now and has achieved almost all her hair goals. She shares her 3 top deep conditioners and how they've helped her get to her current length. Don't forget to subscribe to our channels, leave your questions, suggestions and comments below the videos.

Do You Have To Protective Style ?

Do You Have To Protective Style? As I continue to make new discoveries about my hair, one of the battles or struggles I've always had is protective styling. The hype about keeping our hair tucked away and protected from the elements is one that everyone on this hair journey is very familiar with. The Eureka Moment Recently, I read about 2 articles about protective styling with both concluding that it's more about less manipulation than keeping the hair hidden. It got me thinking about non blacks. Do they protective style? I don't know - what I know is that they wear extensions for aesthetic purposes. Curly Nikki's article views low manipulation styles as a better option for reasons like being able to care for the hair more than when tucked away. It makes a lot of sense when you look at the fact that the essence of protective styling is actually to reduce manipulation! So, if there are other ways of reducing manipulation, why not do so? The Alternative to protective styl

The Best Amla Powder Treatment

I decided to give the amla powder treatment another go and I must say that this has been the best amla powder treatment I've ever read about or done! This time round, all was on fleek! I learnt a few things about the previous amla powder application  and so, I corrected my errors and made changes were applicable. To start with the amla powder treatment, 1) Boiled water 2) Put the amla powder in a plastic bowl and used a plastic spoon to stir in the boiled water. Immediately, the amla started thickening up. That was an exciting moment since the first treatment yielded no such reaction. So, the key is using very hot water. As I stirred,  the texture became smooth too! I allowed the mix to sit for about an hour before application. I followed up with a cold rinse and Co Washed to ensure all particles are out.

Does Jamaican Black Castor Oil Grow Hair?

We continue with search terms that pop up and here's another interesting one. Does Jamaican black castor oil grow hair? The answer I'm going to provide to this question is based on my own experience. Jamaican black castor oil aka jbco has been a popular oil within the hair community. I started using the regular castor about 4 years ago. Now, I use the Jamaican black castor oil because there were claims that it was more organic than the regular or pharmacy castor oil. Well, I can definitely say that if you are consistent with jbco, you'll sure experience faster growth. I've used it to regrow my edges and though I haven't been consistent with it on my scalp, I can attest to the regrowth of the edges. I don't like the tingling jbco; what I had tingles so I didn't want it on my scalp. However, the tropical Isle brand doesn't tingle and that is what I used to regrow my edges. I'm on a castor oil challenge but haven't been consistently using it. I have

How To Care For Your Hair During Pregnancy

The excitement about having a new life in the family knows no limit so I'm going to share a few tips on ow tocare for your hair during pregnancy. In as much as you want to enjoy the baby, the journey to having the baby can be a daunting task. You get tired, have sleepless night, feel heavy, and all you want to do is count the days your little one is born. When I was pregnant, these things made it easy to care for my hair. **Rely on a stylist when I felt I couldn't do my own hair. For us in Ghana, our salons are relatively cheap so it won't be a problem using one more often during pregnancy. Be sure you are working with a familiar stylist who understands your journey. **Wash during shower; I used to enjoy having the water run over my body so that was an opportune moment to wash even if it's a co wash. ** Use instant deep conditioners like dark and lovely amla legend masque. These work within 5 minutes so you can take your shower and deep condition at the same time. Even

Jamaican Black Castor Oil in Ghana (Update)

Yes, there is Jamaican black castor oil in Ghana. The last time I spoke about where to get Jamaican black castor oil was when it first became available in Ghana. Back then,  there was only one vendor. Fast forward to Now, you can get Jamaican black castor oil at the following places: 1. African Emprezz Beauty shop on Facebook 2. where my friend Dami sells other hair products too. 3. Avery Naturals on Facebook 4. Mejs Naturals who also stocks the Ecoco brand. These are the ladies I know of for  now who stock up on Jamaican black castor oil.

6 Ways To Overcome Hair Setbacks

As the queen of experiments about 3 years ago, there isn't a setback I haven't experienced and not recovered from and that's why I'm sharing with you 6 ways to overcome hair setbacks. Though I'm not at my goal length, I've had enough setbacks to keep me on track and that has been the case since 2014. I hit full shoulder length in December 2014 after my big chop in January 2014.  after cutting my hair as a result of a henna mishap , colour treatment, protein and others, here are the strategies I employed and still employ when I suffer any setback . 1. Accept that you caused the setback. Whether a stylist trimmed too much hair or gave you a bad braid, you are responsible. Why didn't you complain during the process? Why didn't you get up and leave? If it's your hair breaking, what did you fail to do? 2. Trust that you can and will recover from the setback. No matter how bad the problem, there is always a solution. Believe in your ability to bring your

3 Ways To Use African Black Soap In Your Regimen

Clarify African Black Soap aka alata samina shouldn't be used so often because it acts as a clarifying shampoo. In its undiluted form (no oils added) , it gets rid of product build up. Usually, it's safe to clarify about once a month to remove traces of the silicone build up from conditioners. Even if you use silicone free products, you may have been using butters and creams. However, African black soap can't remove mineral deposit from hard water. Moisturizing shampooAdd some oils to your liquid alata samina. To prepare liquid African Black Soap, mash the alata samina, soak it in water or add warm water and allow it to sit for a while. Add a few drops of natural oils and essential oil to preserve it. Viola! This reduces the drying effect of the alata samina. Sulfate Free shampoo If you want a natural homemade sulfate free shampoo, then, the African black soap is here for you.

3 Hair Styles For Labour And After Delivery

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"] My cornrow ponytail[/caption] When the moment of labour arrives, the last thing you want to ti have some hair flowing and shipping your face. All you want to do is get the baby out and be free.  About a month to delivery, you are tired, easily stressed, anxious and sleep is a luxury. To make the process less stressful, here are some hair style tips for you. 1. Cornrow ( with or without extensions; All back style, Ponytail): As my no.1 go to hair style, I'm glad I had this sooner prior to delivery. Having the hair cornrowed into a small Ponytail makes you fly and ready for the marathon Lol. For the whole period of labour, my hair wasn't a concern at all for the 2 weeks after birth too. Short weave on: The goal is to have your hair off your face so installing 8-24 inches weave isn't useful. A cut is better to make your sleep easy. A new born has a sensitive skin and allowing your weave to touch the