Sew-In With Invisible Part Reveal

At last, am back home and back to my laptop and camera so I can now reveal my new protective style for the rest of the year- a sew-in with invisible part!

Ok, let me explain that the sew-in (a.k.a weave-on) was done by hair dresser C. I used two 14 inch hair- the first time I’ve used a long piece. I think the weave is hiluxury? One cost 29gh (15$). She then did the invisible part. Instead of sewing along the parts, which is the usual closure method, she used a glue to place pieces of the weave along the part. Enjoy these snap shots!




Send me a mail for directions to her shop!


Author: abena

I’m Abena Nyarkoaa and I’m passionate about healthy hair and skin care. It’s a pleasure haring what I learn with others.

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    1. Cool I’ll be looking forward to seeing how that goes. I used to leave mine in for at least 8 weeks but the growth versus jacked up ends wasn’t always working out. That was my fault because I wasn’t doing what I needed to do between salon visits.

    2. I have also never been good at keeping weaves for a long period but this time, i’ll do my best because my schedule is getting crazier each minute.This break will help me keep my hair intact whilst hustling!

    1. I bought the weave from her shop-she sells a variety of hair and with different grades and price range.She’s around the Kisseman junction. I’ll send you her phone number so you can call her.

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