The Best Season for Twist Outs!!!!

Aside,the cracked lips,dry skin and cracked heels caused by the Harmattan, the weather makes hair dry faster.

Last night, I was working and couldn’t go back to my room,so I decided to braid my hair without any moisturiser or oil.I did a couple of small twists and upon returning to my room, I put some water over my braided twists and covered it with my scarf.It was around midnight.

This morning,the hair had totally dried up and the results……………… totally amazing!!!

I love Harmattan!!!!!

Today, I am enroute to Wa in the Upper West region to Mole National Park and then work on Monday.I am told the Harmattan is  is very severe over there. Well,I guess I  have to wait and see!!!

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Love you Divas!!!!

Author: abena

I’m Abena Nyarkoaa and I’m passionate about healthy hair and skin care. It’s a pleasure haring what I learn with others.

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  1. Oh nice, the low humidity is good for blow outs and straight hair etc, the definition is awesome! oh dun forget to get some shea butter from the north

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