Took A Bold Step

It’s been a tough week for me especially as my protective style failed. It’s pushed me to the edge so much that I began to think twice about the transition and what to do.

Those around me will attest to the fact that am HIGHLY INDECISIVE and it is making my life unbearable. Each time I can’t make up my mind, my whole world comes crushing so I hate situations where I have to choose which protective style to wear.

Wigs are fun for only a moment and the phobia of it falling off is to serious for me; weaves are ok but I haven’t been good at keeping them in for long so that leaves me with my trusted and long time friend- good old corn rows with extensions!

I used to get corn rows for the reason that it’s easy to manage and doesn’t hurt. Somehow, I got caught up in ¬†different hair styles and trends that I completed ignored it. Even when I went natural the first time, I got through some weeks with cornrows with extensions. Also, massaging my scalp with jbco has relieved my pain so I can get my corn rows. I’ll, however, keep my eyes on my edges when getting it done.
What I did
Here I was in the room rummaging through my hair care bag searching for my left over braid pieces. After gathering everything, I stared at my hair in the mirror. Taking that decision may seem simple but it was a big deal to me. I picked my two containers of ORS lye relaxer; one full, the other almost empty, spent some few minutes staring at the containers and the mirror, then, I turned and made up my mind. I gave the relaxer to my stylist.
Wash day post will be up tomorrow!


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I’m Abena Nyarkoaa and I’m passionate about healthy hair and skin care. It’s a pleasure haring what I learn with others.

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