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How To Wash A Toddler's Hair

I can't count the number of occasions I've literally exclaimed in my head, "just cut off this hair if you can't care for it" upon seeing a toddler with unkempt hair, most often, relaxed too! Am all for long beautiful hair for kids but that doesn't seem to be a reality with most mothers ignorant of how to care for their baby girl's hair. For mothers eager to take matters into their own hands, here's something to help you from mahoganyknots

How To Make Your Own Satin Bonnet

Satin bonnets protect your hair at night from tangles, moisture loss and also preserve a hairstlyle overnight.

Do you know you can make your own satin bonnet? It may seem difficult but it shouldn't be anymore because She'Kia Rene has an easy method for creating yours. Enjoy!

Reader Q: What Do I Intend To Do With My Hair?

Am going to address some reader questions in this post so stay tuned. I've got a lot of questions regarding what I will be doing in the coming months as the hair grows. Will I keep up with wash and go? Colour? Henna? Etc.
Why the big chop? I knew if I went the transitioning route, I wouldn't survive. Plus, it was obvious that I was struggling with getting the hair back to its health so there was no need keeping up with the torture.What was my husband's reaction? I'd talked about getting rid of the damaged hair though he didn't know how and when I was going to do that. Even though he's not fond of short hair, he knows the hair will grow back so I guess experience played a major role here. He'd seen my first big chop and how the hair grew back. I didn't ask for his permission but I did want him to be comfortable with my decision that's why I expressed my intentions.  -->
For colour, yes, I'll dabble in colour but this time, with semi permanent.…

2 Weeks Post Big Chop: Wash Day + Oil Rinse

--> This wash day wasn't as simple as the previous one. I added quite a bit of stuff to the process and it took longer than the last one. Here's how it went down:
1. Went to my bathroom sink, used ORS aloe shampoo to clarify because I've been using Jamaican black castor oil on the hair pretty much every day.

2. Rinsed first with cool water and followed up with lukewarm water- I think the purpose is to open up the cuticles so the products can penetrate.

3. Applied burdock oil all over the hair and covered with poly bag for 5 minutes

4. Rinsed with lukewarm water again and applied ORS replenishing conditioner, covered with poly bag and sat down to do stuff for one hour

5. Rinsed and t-shirt dried

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Valentine's Day Blog Give Away!! [CLOSED]

The month of love is for sharing our love with others. I appreciate everyone who makes time to visit, read, comment and hang out with me on this blog. Therefore, in return, am giving away, a length check/affirmation t-shirt!!

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Mira's Hair: Wash day (4weeks 4 days post)

I washed my hair today. Last time I washed my hair was last week Thursday I took off my weave Wednesday evening. I took of the weave 1week 3 days earlier than intended because.
1. I inintially did the weave to protect my hair during my examination period and exams were over.
2. I had done the inversion the first week of my weave and I could feel and see the ng and I was dying to see it up close.
3. It was itching...... ok...... I lied...... that is made up. Lol. I just wanted to take off my weave I took washed my hair the day after but I couldn't really document that.  It's been 6 days since my last wash. My hair felt oily. I did the GHE twice this week so I washed my hair. 1. Pre poo : Coconut oil for almost 40 mins 2. Shampoo in two sections with CON Argan oil sulfate free shampoo 3. Conditioned for about 10- 15 minutes with ORS olive oil deep Penetrating conditioner 4. Used ORS Elastic-i-tea herbal leave in 5. Roller Set 6. Wrap and hold up Length check (front. Back. Side…

My First Big Chop In Pictures

July, 2011: the official big chop
August: one month post big chop -->

5 Terms I Dislike In The Hair Care Community

--> Am going to be very blunt in expressing my feelings; don't take it personal!

1. Creamy crack/white crack-referring to relaxer. This is my face when I hear ladies whether relaxed or natural use it. I see that word to be derogatory and one the occasions I've used it, it was more of being sarcastic because a lot of the time I've seen it in use, it's from naturals. The word "crack" is usually in reference to an addiction and if it were so with relaxers, then, people would have to see counsellors or psychologist to go off it!

Hair Blogs In Ghana

--> Apart from youtube vloggers (see here for Ghana based hair vloggers ), here are the Ghana based bloggers I know apart from mine
1. : Run by Stella, she shares her journey to texlaxed hair and more!

2. Annette does not only write about her natural hair, she shares  make up information too.

3.  AfroDiva is natural and shares her information aobut her hair as well as other naturals

4. Anita is a relaxed hair diva to a journey to healthy long relaxed hair Abiba is a natural hair blogger sharing information about her almost Waist length hair.
6.jaykinkskoils Jay shares her natural hair journey as well as giving tips and advice on growing natural hair.

Visit and learn more about healthy hair practices!

Wash Day With Only 3 Products

--> Yes, that's to be expected considering how cute my twa is lol

1. Shampooed twice with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo because I've been doing green house effect with oils the whole week thus I needed to get rid of build up

2. The hair still didn't feel as clean as I wanted; I followed up with African black soap to clarify

3. Deep conditioned with Organic Root Stimulator replenishing conditioner

4. Rinsed and applied whipped sheabutter (see here for how to make yours) and Jamaican black castor oil

The hair is growing and I look forward to what it will look like by my birthday in May-last year, I was wishing to be natural and now, I've fulfilled my own wish!  With my first big chop, I was seriously craving for length that I spent so much on extensions in the hope of growing the hair quickly.

This time, I want to enjoy the hair in protective styles not for growth but for fun! Wigs are my go-to styles now-in fact, I have a short one and a long one so when it&…

Interesting Reactions To My Big Chop

--> I'll categorize the reactions I got for you.
1. The hypocritical compliments: It's nice, it looks good, wow, you are bold! In actual sense this is what they wish they could express!

 2. The blunt and honest: What is wrong with you? I don't like it, it's like we are back in the 70s. Aren't you married? You look like a 16 year old (that's an insult). Someone would kill to have the hair you cut off! Mtcheeeww!!

3. The shocked ones: What happened? Do you have a sickness that requires shaved hair? Eiiiish!!!Huhhhh?

4. Those who were disappointed because I made it clear I wasn't leaving nor joining any TEAMWHATEVER!

5. Those who were genuinely excited for me.

What category do you belong to? lol

Meeting My APL Goal-Is It Possible?

--> I know I've left a lot of my readers who are relaxed in limbo. What will happen to wash day posts, relaxed hair tips and relaxer updates etc? The changes in my hair were to alert you of changes in the regimen and practices but that doesn't really matter. Why? My pal Mira is still on a healthy relaxed journey so you won't miss out on anything. My good ol' friend Stella of Ghlonghair is available too.
On to my hair goals.
I was asked how I was going to make it to APL by July as I indicated in my 2014 goals (here) now that I've big chopped. Well, a goal doesn't change, it's the method of reaching it that changes. I'm not saying I can make it by then but it doesn't hurt to have big dreams! Hehehehe. Miracles happen so I won't be pessimistic either. The focus still remains, achieving an appreciable length by July.How about my no buy challenge? (click here for details) Won't I be needing products for my natural hair? No! I will continue u…

Steaming Can Relax Your Hair...

--> Steaming over 30 minutes can induce disulphide (disulfide if you are on the other side of the pond) bonds to break - essentially, yes, steaming for long times CAN relax your hairread more

Product Review: APHogee 2 Minutes Reconstructor!

--> At last, here is what I think about the Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor.

Product Review: Creme Of Nature Intensive Conditioning Treatment

Here's is what I think of the much raved about Creme of Nature Intense treatment. I purchased this with the intention of using it weekly. The word 'intensive' means that there is a protein element meant to strengthen the hair and stop breakage. 
Unfortunately for me, I didn't notice this until after a couple of weeks. Do I like it? How did my hair respond to it? Watch and leave your comments, questions or suggestions.

Whipped Sheabutter Using Blender

After several months of laziness, I got around to whipping my almost 33oz bucket size of sheabutter! Most often, what you usually see is the mix being made with a hand mixer or an electric mixer. Well, have no fear! You can use your regular blender. How?

Gather all the oils you want to add to your sheabutter. I used hemp oil, extra virgin coconut oil and almond oil. In no particular order, I poured about 4 tablespoons full of each oil and added the sheabutter into my baby food blender-my big one is too big lol. Be sure to wash your blender well to get rid of pepper or other stuff that might not be pleasant on your skinBlend for some seconds and your whipped sheabutter is ready!

Wash Day @ 9 Weeks Post Relaxer!

--> I still have half of my top hair relaxed anyway (click here for the tapered cut). I know my hair texture is 4c which means the back of the hair would need a lot more moisture to prevent knots though the nape area has a looser texture. Furthermore, I have to do the washing myself because there isn't need for roller sets. How did it go?

1. Clarified with ORS aloe shampoo to get rid of product build up as I had been washing a lot for the past weeks.
2. Followed  with Creme of Nature detangling shampoo (click here for review)
2. Applied Roux Porosity control (see my review here) to hair to balance the PH of the hair
3. Applied ORS replenishing conditioner to hair for 15 minutes and covered with shopping bag 
4. Deep conditioned with Keracare humecto - click here for review
5. After rinsing, I t-shirt dried and applied s-curl no drip activator moisturizer and air dried.
How did your wash day go?

Youtube Hair Vloggers In Ghana

--> Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! Finally, there are youtubers in Ghana!
1. Emprezz Abena

2. Ghlonghair

3. AfroDiva Nally


5. Aretha Yorke

If there are more, do leave their links in the comment section.

Product Review: S- Curl No Drip Activator Moisturizer

S-curl no drip activator moisturizer despite the name can be used on either natural hair or relaxed hair. The S-curl no drip activator moisturizer can be used in different ways to achieve moisturized hair.

I've used this product twice therefore it's about time I shared my views about it. What are the ingredients? How do I use it? How does my hair react to it? Find out  in my review video below. Do subscribe for more videos.

What Next? Hair Plans/Goals

Don't know what am talking about? Click here. Unlike the first big chop, this time I knew what am walking into as regards short hair. The awkward stage, especially, can be frustrating but afro kinky hair will be my friend when it comes to the worst lol.

Dh knew I was going to do it but didn't know when. If there's one thing he knows about me, there will be no point arguing about it with me except to hope and pray I grow it out quickly. He's simply adjusting to his unpredictable sweety hehehehe. Plus, I didn't go for the boyish cut; more of a tapered look at the top which is quite cool. Be sure you discuss drastic changes with your Significant other out of respect. Put yourself in their shoes to understand how they feel. A compromise won't hurt including transitioning.

With regard to plans, I'll continue with deep conditioning routine weekly and stick to the basics. I bet you, if there's something I know now about my hair, less is more!

December In Review; January Goals

--> My December goals weren't many and that was because I have simplicity as my target. Click here for the goals.

1. Make it to 12 weeks post relaxer. I'm not relaxing yet but it will take a lot of effort to handle my 4c new growth. At currently 8 weeks, my hair is still manageable. I'm guessing that the S-curl no drip moisturizer keeps the new growth soft which makes daily styling easier. I use as little as possible on the relaxed parts-I'll do a video on how I moisturize and seal to demonstrate what I mean.

2. Will get duck bill clips to use on wash days to keep the new growth stretched. For now, I go to my stylist for washes but should it happen that I want do my own wash or co-wash, I'll need an effective stretching technique.

3. I got the Creme of Nature intense treatment but it didn't work as a moisturizing treatment for me; it's more of a protein treatment. I'll do a review on it as soon as possible. I might give the shampoo a try next year…

No Buying Of New Hair Product Challenge Commences!!

--> In my 2014 hair plans (here), I shared my goal of not buying any new product the whole year.
Well, the new year is in full drive thus am beginning my very herculean task of staying away from products I haven't tried before.In all honesty, I don't even have a single product I want to try lol-absolutely blank which should make the challenge easier.

The replacements will be my basics: Creme of Nature and ORS aloe shampoos, keracare humecto, s-curl (for new growth), and extra virgin coconut oil. For an idea of my stash, check here.  I won't be replacing any other product apart from the basics. I have two bottles of ORS replenshing conditioner which should be sufficient as my protein treatment for the year.

Happy 2014!!

--> Thank you,Lord, for the lives of every reader, friend,.family, and enemies!

It's my prayer that this year brings success, joy, peace, happiness, love and all the blessings we need from God. May we enjoy the fruit of our labourMay all our aspirations be fulfilledMay we retain length like no one's business
I love you all. Stay blessed!