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How To Grow From Thin To Thick Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair care seems to be one complicated journey but when you get the hang of it, you'll be so relieved. Why does relaxed hair get thin easily? A case in point is my own struggles with thin relaxed hair. The few lessons I've kept in my pocket this time around are :

1. Trim regularly. Have a schedule to get rid of the thin ends. I plan to trim every touch up. That's approximately every 12 weeks. I've learnt from so many setbacks that I'm bent on getting it right this time.

2. Longer stretches. A major problem I've had for the past two years and not going beyond 6 weeks. That thinned my hair out like crazy. This time, regardless of the short length, I'm surely going for nothing below 12 weeks. The ultimate stretching is 16 weeks so 12 weeks is a good starting point. There are some who advised starting off gradually with 8 weeks but that's what set me back. You get comfortable with the 8 weeks and moving beyond that it's a challenge. Therefore, 1…

3 Hacks For Moisturizing And Sealing

When moisturizing and sealing, one major setback has to do with the type of product you use. In growing your hair, moisture based products don't necessarily pertain to your deep conditioner only. Your shampoo can be moisturizing, your leave in as well as moisturizer can all be moisture based. Over reliance on protein products has been a huge factor in the breakage we usually see.

So, here are my 3 hacks for moisturizing and sealing to ensure your hair stays moisturized for longer periods as well as reduce manipulation of the hair.

1. You can moisturize at night but be sure to cover or protect your hair with a satin cap or silk bonnet. This will allow ample time for the products to penetrate the strands, you will have the patience to apply the products and also ensure that you save time in the morning.

2. Avoid liquid moisturizers in the morning if you don't want damp hair. To be safe, use a very small size spray bottle to apply the water component of your moisturizing and s…

Crème of Nature Mango and Sheabutter Leave In Review

The creme of nature mango and sheabutter is a thick, creamy leave in conditioner. I love the consistency because I can use on my dry hair and it won't leave it so wet. It soaks into the hair in seconds and that's a huge plus!

If you've been struggling with dryness like me, trust me, this will beat that! It's an ultra moisturizing leave in and it certainly lives up to its claims! It is enriched with certified natural mango and sheabutter, instantly softens, detangles and conditions. It has decent slip to help with combing and allows for easy application.

Price: 26gh (Go to to purchase or call 0541458372 if you are in Ghana)
Smell: Mild sweet scent that isn't overpowering.

I don't hype products but this is by far, one of the most moisturizing leave in conditioners I've used. At that price too, I will definitely keep two or three bottles in my stash.
I'd planned on purchasing the Giovanni leave in since I don't have a leav…

Making Use of Carrots To Grow Your Hair

I vividly recall the days of vegetable stew or fried rice. But using carrots is  not limited to internal use; it can also be used for external purposes specifically in hair care.

Using carrots and honey increases hair sheenreduces dry scalpminimizes hair loss preserves natural elasticityprevent split endsHot Oil Treatment:
Ingredients: 2 Carrots 2 Tbsp Honey 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 tsp Vitamin E Oil Juice your carrots in a juicer or blend the carrots in as little water as possible. Strain the carrots. Warm up the honey olive oil and vitamin e oil in a saucepan. Add this mixture to the carrot juice. Apply mixture to damp hair, coating it completely from root to ends. Cover with a plastic cap and leave in your hair for at least an hour or as long as you have the time (overnight will yield great results.) Wash the mixture from the hair, preferably with a sulfate free shampoo and then rinse well.  Deep Conditioner
1 large carrot
1 banana 1/3 cup honey 1/4 olive oil …

How To Maintain Healthy Short Hair

I don't plan on doing the hydrogen peroxide bleach again until further notice. I want to steer clear of any kind of setback,  any dye,  any DIY that can damage the hair. I have 7 months to grow 7 inches and more: before December 7th,  2017. The reason is to push past Shoulder length. I'm not doing 6 weeks touch up like I used to do; I'm going full 12 weeks between relaxers to maintain the thickness, no overprocessing and no brown ends. I've done 4 weeks already; 8 more  weeks should be easy. I will get just about an inch or less trimmed off.

Getting to my goals is of extreme importance therefore, I'm not attempting any experiment nor using any unfamiliar products.  I'm making use of what I have to reach the desired goals. Aside the vitamins,  I use sulphur oil which is quite potent. I know the mielle organics vitamins is quite effective but I won't take any supplement after December, 2017. Between now and then,  I want to obtain the maximum results.


Why Your Natural Hair Is Dry

As for this issue of dry natural hair,  the one advice I'll give you is trial and error with products and techniques.

You don't sleep with a satin cap to protect the hair at night. 
The hair is exposed to the sun which ultimately will suck up the moisture in your hair. 
Your deep conditioner or wash routine isn't effective so you may need to switch things up. 
Your hair spritz isn't working or you aren't diligent with it. 
Find heavy butters to seal your hair. Coconut oil is known to penetrate the strands thus it won't seal in the moisture. 
Lastly,  you may not be drinking enough water or hydrate the hair. 

How do you combat dry natural hair?

4 Things I'm Doing To Lose Weight

Haven gone from 55kg to 68kg within the past 7 years might not seem a big deal but for a petite person like me, it is a huge leap in weight gain. The worst part is it is reflected in my tummy area.

I've been to the gym a couple of times but consistency has been a major problem especially with my work schedule. Whilst I intend getting back to the gym,  dietary changes will be a major role in the weight loss. I love food; I hate to be hungry so I need a balance to keep enjiyingwhat I love and still shed the excess fat.

The first thing I've incorporated into my routine is watching my breakfast. The first switch I did was to use what I had whilst waiting in the ones I wanted. For example,  I switvhed from black tea to aloe Vera honey tea. Instead of two donuts, I take one. It was a struggle but I've got it under control now.

Next is avoiding soft drinks as much as possible. I enjoy my sprite and pizza but aside that I opt for juice or less alcoholic beverages when I'm out.…

Deep Conditioning Tips For Natural Hair

These tips for natural hair can be applied to relaxed hair too. 

Make sure your hair is sectioned to make applying the deep conditioner easier and faster. 
You can add natural oils to the deep conditioner for added slip as well as enhancing the moisturizing  impact. 
You don't  have to do DIY deep conditioners.  Store bought ones are equally effective if not more effective. 
Deep conditioning with heat increases the effectiveness of the products. 
Use the product as directed. Sometimes,  going off the instructions means no result. 

DIY Moroccan Red Clay Face Mask

If your facial routine doesn't include a Clay mask,  you'll be surely missing out on a good cleansing system. Clay mask is great for detoxifying the skin which removes impurities and clear the pores. The advantage of using clay is the natural cleansing abilities. You don't risk destroying your skin  and also not exposing it to chemicals as it is with some commercial skin care products.

To prepare a clay mask requires just a few basic ingredients. There are several combinations you can always try but I usually prefer using plain water and the clay. Some add honey, lime or lemon, apple cider vinegar and even rose water. You need to read about the reaction of each ingredient to your skin as well as reaction to other ingredients before using it.

Fortunately, you can purchase clay from my shop for your hair as well as skin care. If you wish to use on your hair, add a bit of apple cider vinegar to the water to reduce the acidity of the clay. Also, b…

How To Twist Your Own Natural Hair

Whatever I share here is from my personal experience with my natural hair. You may have to tweak it to suite your hair needs.

Section the hair into small parts. 
Use two mirrors to check the parting at the back and front. 
Be sure to use your fingera to check for knots. 
Section the two parts to twist. 
Apply twist and loc gel or gel or even sheabutter depending on the one that gives you a maximum hold. 
Start twisting from the back and work your way up. 
Don't borrow hair from another section to twisting. Stick to the tow sections and swirl the ends around your finger tips when you are done. 
You may have to practice this for a while so don't worry if your first attempt doesn't produce bomb twists. 

Allow the hair to dry before lying on it to avoid smushing the back.

Gorilla Snot Gel

We are really expanding our range of hair products and what better way than this? 

We have creme of nature Argan oil shampoo and intensive treatment conditioner (26gh each) . Also,  we have gorilla snot gel (45gh)and Eden BodyWorks Natural hair masque (45).

In addition,  you'll find the Aztec Indian healing Clay for 45gh.  To purchase one,  contact me on 0541458372. 

Tiwa Savage Real Hair

Tiwas Savage is a renowned Nigerian female singer and a good one at that!  My favorite is her Eminado which baby J has been singing from birth. I was ready excite to see Tiwa Savage has an amazing head of hair beneath the wigs and brad.

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Why Your Natural Hair Is Breaking Off

You are so worried about your hair not growing yet there are some practices that are undermining your efforts.

You comb it daily and that causes a lot of breakage. Use your fingers in styling. If the hair is short, use a wide tooth comb. 
You don't deep condition often which leads to dry,  brittle natural hair. Try to deep condition at least once a month to provide moisture in your hair. 
Your hair needs moisture especially in this part of the world where the weather is mostly dry. Have a hair spritz to use during the day to ensure moisture retention.  
The hair products aren't working for you and you are reluctant to change them. These products may cause more damage so if it's not working,  either swap with another person or give it out.  
You focus on growth and not retention and therefore don't know why you aren't getting the long hair you want. Pay attention to how you protect your hair and what you use in protecting it. Keep the ends from the shoulders to stop it f…

Deep Condition, Wash, Deep Condition To Restore Moisture

To make washing the hair easy,  I did co washing  the previous night and deep conditioned the next day. However,  the washing pattern changed. 

I applied aphogee balancing moisturizer generously to the hair and topped up with the Avery naturals pistachio oil. I covered with the steam cap and sat myswlf behind the movie "The Accountant".

I shampooed with the native Child shampoo and followed up with the deep conditioner. I don't think I've tried the deep conditioning ,shampoo, deep condition routine. The advantage of this technique is I will be able to deep condition before hopping under the shower which means I can easily wash and deep condition without moving in and out 

I wanted the hair to absorb a lot of moisture as it had become dry and brittle.  I'm  glad to be gradually getting into my hair journey again. 

This week,  I  began the nature's bounty after two days of no vitamins. Well,  the propelling reason was  that it was that time of the month and using s…

How To Comb Natural Hair After Braids

Let's do away with the cornrows and braids preparation and installation  and focus on how you comb the hair after take down. 

Finger detangling first 
Apply a lot of oils and f in Nigeria detangle again
Use a product with slip and wash in sections. You can use a conditioner

Don't shampoo hair that hasn't been detangled. 
Keep the hair in sections and use a wide tooth comb to detangle. You can then still use your fingers or move to a medium tooth comb for further detangling. 
Follow up with your deep conditioner. If your deep conditioner has slip, the better.

If you don't wish to wash,  just finger detangling and the oil will get the job done. Warm oil such as coconut or olive oils make detangling quite stress free. Leave your hair in sections too after removing the knots and tangles. 

 Many ladies have trial and error with products and tecnjques to find what works for them. The basic step is finger detangling first to remove knots and tangles.  Some continue to finger detangle…

6 Months Natural Hair Goals

At the moment,  I want to put my hair journey into the right perspective and having goals will serve as a guide.

May: This month,  I'm taking the nature's bounty HSN, applying sulphir oil on the scalp,  wearing wigs and drinking at least two litres of water. I also do scalp massages daily with my fingers but I'll try and incorporate the shampoo brush nightly. I will wash the hair twice a week because of the sulphur oil. 

June: Take the nature's bounty HSN vitamins, continue with the wig regimen as well as the wash regimen. Use the sulphur oil and do scalp massages.

July: No Vitamins. Take the beautifully bamboo tea or Green tea instead alongside folic acid. Apply sulphur oil, do scalp massages. 

August: Apply Ayurveda powders infusion :amla, Aritha and shikakai powders. I'll use these three times a week on the scalp. I won't take any supplement except folic acid. 

September-October: Repeat routine for August. 

November - December: Maintain the routine for August. I p…

Affordable Hair Skin And Nails Vitamins In Ghana

What are the most affordable hair skin and nails vitamins in Ghana? 

Nature's bounty HSN vitamins as well as the gummies. The nature's bounty HSN we have is 230 capsules for 120gh which is the cheapest on the market. The same applies to the gummies. 
Next is Now Foods biotin. The price ranges from 40gh to 120. The 40gh is 60 capsules which can last two months 
Beautifully bamboo vitamins: These are also very affordable for 90gh when others are 140gh!  Takw advantage of this and pee order yours. 
Last one is spring valley biotin which is the same price as the now foods biotin. 
You'll also find manetabolism Plus vitamins,  mielle organics hair vitamins, hairfinity in the online shop ( and perfectil at the pharmacies) . 

I've taken all these supplements before buty favourite for now is the beautifully bamboo. The one with immediate effect was the mielle organics vitamins and the one with the most visible result was the manetabolism Plus (if I were to take these two vitamins ag…

Hair Wonder Month One

Let me Welcome myself back to the blogging hemisphere. I know I haven't posted any hair update in weeks so let's dive into this post. 

I'm still not in a good place with my hair but I feel better. I am not as enthused as I was but I'm managing to stay afloat. At this moment,  I'll just stick to growing it natural. I adore my natural hair so I'll keep growing it natural. I'll straighten it every three months for length checks. No big chopping this length off. 

Before  I wear the wig,  I apply the a bit of wonder cream to the edges and then to the whole scalp and massage. I love the wig but it seems the edges will suffer a bit from the rubbing of the ends. I'll find a style to wear later but for now,  I'll need to prevent the wig from damaging my edges. 

This is the beginning of the hair wonder cream challenge. 

I won't be taking any supplement with the hair wonder cream to get an accurate review. By end of June,  I should be able to give a first upda…

Current Hair Routine

Hello and welcome back to my regular blogging!😇😇😇

What's been going in with you? What's up with me? 

After the fiasco about my hair,  I know I needed a break from talk and blogging about my hair journey. I'm not sure of what you want to know so you can drop your questions in the comment section. 

I wash between two to three weeks. I've stopped weekly washing because my hair can survive the extra week. This makes caring for it less stressful. During the week,  I may pop on a wig and call it a day. 

My Edges

They are not not pleasant to the eye so I avoid exposing them. With the no braid system,  I wear my hair without being braided under the wig and it works. 

My scalp

Should it itch,  I use the scalp wash to clean it during the week. This method saves time and energy as well as products. 


Since I've been clearing up products in the stash, I haven't been restocking. What I've done is to purchase one set of Zabrinaturals to test. Aside these,  I haven'…

Use Up Hair Products Progress

Whenever hoarders like me decide to purge our closet, then, we mean business especially with regard to hair products. I intend using up anything more than a year old in my stash and I have a ton of it.

First, the sheamoisture African black soap shampoo is finished. This was really a strong clarifying shampoo. It was worth it but I'm going back to my good old ORS aloe creamy shampoo. The difference between these two is the latter is more moisturizing and also removes mineral deposit as a result of the hard water we have - it has chelating uses.
The next one is the cantu co wash which was also quite good but I won't be restocking it. The review will be up soon. I'll try a new co wash; probably the As I Am or Eden Body Works.
 The kinky curly knot today leave in is empty. It will be replaced by Giovanni leave in. For the meantime, I've been using the Mielle organics avocado hair milk.  The Cantu sheabutter anti frizz leave in didn't work for me on the wet hair but rather…

How To Grow Natural Hair In Ghana

Is there a method or technique for how to grow natural Hair in Ghana?

This search term comes up very often so let me address it. Caring for your natural hair in Ghana isn't so much different from those abroad. You can use the same products and techniques under right conditions and achieve similar results.

What are the right conditions?  You have to check the weather,  the texture of your hair, the availability of the hair products, the actual steps taken in creating a particular regimen and a lot more.

Growing natural hair in Ghana shouldn't be a tedious process. We are blessed to have a ton of products ladies abroad pay huge sums of money to obtain. From sheabutter to coconut oil,  we are in the better position to grow long and healthy natural hair.

You don't have to purchase those expensive hair products; stick to what your budget can afford. Use the search button to find a lot of the DIY projects I've done for my hair.

The Ultimate Hair Growth Oil

To make a hair growth so potent that my edges would have no choice than to grow back,  I mixed up the following.

The stick is to stir the oil before application.

I will be  using this oil on the scalp for the whole of 2017.


Sulphur powder

A variety of oils

Essential oils

Wonder hair oil

I use it twice a day on the edges and on the scalp,  I applied once every other day.

What's your current hair oil?

Beautifully Bamboo Tea and Vitamins Review

What is Beautifully Bamboo?

Beautifully Bamboo is one of the most unique products that you will ever encounter. The product harnesses the power and medicinal benefits of bamboo. To make the bamboo edible and easily digestible, Beautifully Bamboo has turned the bamboo into tea. By drinking a number of cups per day, you can enjoy benefits like improved skin tone and texture, cardiovascular support, bone strengths, improved digestion, and less hair shedding.
As the brand explains, Beautifully Bamboo is different because it has silica levels that are higher than almost any other health product on the market. Silica is important for optimal health and when it is consumed through tea, the mineral is easily absorbed into the body and the supplement starts working instantly. In addition, the silica enhances numerous features, such as your hair, nails, and overall health. With a product like Beautifully Bamboo, you can easily improve your health and you certainly do not need to worry about takin…

Teiva Skin Care Haul & Review

As requested on my channel,  I'll be doing more reviews of our local products.

I'm commencing the series with Teiva skin care products. Visit (not paid to do this)  for details of each product.

But let's start with the neem turmeric soap.

The neem turmeric soap is neither drying nor moisturizing. My face stays normal after use.

I use this as often as sometimes twice a day to clean the face. Whilst I can't say it's the sole reason for my acne staying  away,  I can say it's helped with keeping the face fresh. I'd rather try their other soaps before making specific conclusions.

The 3 in 1 deep cleaning  facial scrub and mask  mask  contains kaolin clay and a variety of essential oils. It claims to draw impurities and deep cleanse the pores whilat conditionong the skin. I like this scrub though the granules aren't  much in it. As a scrub,  I was expecting more granules so it can effectively cleaner the skin. But the face does feel hydrated …